Crazy Eights

Pastor Matt McKeown

Hi, I’m Matt McKeown also known as the Kosher Pastor, welcoming you to my online home. I’ve been told that the call on my life is unusual: the Lord is using me as a bridge between Christians and Jews. As such, it is my sincere desire to see Jewish people recognize Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah and for Christians to recognize the Jewish foundation of their faith.


This week we have a double portion, Matot-Massei. These portions speak of the journeys of the children of Israel coming out of Egypt. Why is the word journeys plural here in the Torah? The answer is about the 42 encampments that were part of the journey from Egypt to the promised land. These were places …

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Speak No Evil

This week we have two portions – Tazria and Metzora – often referred to together. And this blog will be pulling commentary or interpretation from many sources. The Talmud asks why those affected with biblical leprosy  or tzara at  are called metzora. The word metzora comes from two words, motzi  meaning to bring forth and ra meaning evil. So …

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