Yeshivat Shuvu

"With the revolutionary release of Kosher Pastor we are now equipping thousands of Christians on their path to restoration. This is truly an historic release that coupled with Yeshivat Shuvu offers a complete education and discipleship platform for Jews and Gentiles alike."
Rabbi Itzhak Shapira, Shaliach Tzibbur at Yeshivat Shuvu

Kosher Pastor was born as part of Yeshivat Shuvu. Pastor Matt McKeown, as a student of Yeshivat Shuvu proposed Rabbi Itzhak Shapira to create a course to help Christians and Messianic Believers to understand Messianic Judaism from a Christian perspective. Kosher Pastor helps the believer to understand the deepness of the Gospel message before you can dive deeper into a Jewish Yeshiva.

What is Yeshivat Shuvu?

In simple terms a yeshiva is a Jewish house of study called a beit midrash.  Yeshivat Shuvu goes far beyond lessons and tests. Yeshiva is all about hard work, self-examination, growth and personal transformation. It is an experience that we live out each day within the context of community.  As a group, we do as much as we can to learn of our Messiah Yeshua, pattern ourselves after Him and build His kingdom through practical ministry wherever we live in the world.

At Yeshivat Shuvu we learn how to interpret the Bible in a Jewish way. We have courses for Hebrew, Jewish ethics, history, Torah, and much more. We have weekly studies and information.