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Online Platform

Kosher Pastor is a seven module online program that allows you to dive into the Jewish Roots of your faith. The courses are pre-recorded, this allow you to take the lessons on your own time and pace in the commodity of your home, school, or office.


Messiah Focused

The centrality of the Kosher Pastor program is to understand Yeshua (Jesus) in a deeper way. In each module, we will explore the words of Yeshua, Paul and Moses understanding the religious and cultural context of Yeshua's time. 


Jewish Program

The Kosher Pastor program will help you to understand the Jewish context of the Gospel message by connecting the New Testament with the Torah (Five Books of Moses) Pastor Matt has trained under Messianic Rabbis for several years.


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Our Blog

The Hidden Blessing

By Pastor Matt McKeown | June 27, 2021

This past week’s Torah portion was Balak. I don’t normally dedicate my d’var to a person but one year ago y I was in Texas with Noah Shapira at his Bar Mitzvah on […]

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What’s In A Word?

By Pastor Matt McKeown | April 25, 2021

This past week we had another double portion, Achrei Mot-Kedoshim. This comes right after the death of Aaron’s sons Nadav and Avihu. Aaron had two other sons, Elezar and Itamar, but we will […]

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Moreh Minute

What do people say about our program?


Aaron Shust

International Singer

It's a wonderful program and applicable to every believer!  You don't know how many times I get this paradigm shift with the information provided by the program. You can start little by little until gets deeper and deeper. 

Our Instructors


Pastor Matt McKeown

Matt is the Senior Pastor at the United Brethren in Christ Church (UBIC) in Holly Hill Florida. It is his desire to see Jewish people recognize Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah and for Christians to recognize the Jewish foundation of their faith.


Rabbi Dr. Itzhak Shapira

Tzahi (Itzhak) Shapira was born and raised in a traditional Sephardic Jewish home in Israel. After years of studying Rabbinic Jewish texts, he found the Messiah within the Hebrew writings. He serves as the Shaliach Tzibbur of Yeshivat Shuvu.


Eldad Keynan

Eldad in the early 90’s, he pursued a B.A. in Jewish History at Haifa University, graduating Summa cum laude in 1995, followed by an M.A. in Jewish History from the same university, specializing in the 2nd Temple era through the Talmudic era.